Hotlanta Historics (335 Photos)

I watched the morning weather intently. Would the weather hold out for a day of racing? The weatherman said some storms would move near but break up. It looked good.

I had packed most of what I wanted to take the night before. I got my drinks, snacks and cameras into the car and set off for Road Atlanta. There was a breeze out of the west, and the air was cool enough that it made for a nice drive with the window down. Traffic was very light which was to be expected on a Saturday, and it not too much time, I was at the gates of the track. After signing my life away, I made for the infield.

I scouted out the trees near Turn 10, looking for ones near a good parking spot that would also yield shade as the sun passed overhead. Some of the trees were providing some shade near the top of the seating area for Turn 10, so I grabbed my camera bag and chair, and settled down to enjoy the cars and cool breeze. This wasn’t a big racing event. I was the only one in the area aside from the corner worker manning the entrance to the turn. I took some photos from the protection of the shade and moved down to the fence to take some more from a different vantage point.

Eventually I saw a 280ZX turn drive through the tunnel into the infield. I walked over to the car as it parked a little ways away from me and met the driver and passenger who were also father and son. We enjoyed the racing and talked about the son’s future military plans. A couple of other Georgia Z Club members arrived, and I resumed taking photos when the next group of cars took the track. That session seemed to be jinxed. First, I saw a lot of smoke coming from Turn 9. I saw a car sitting on the inside part of the track. I walked across the bridge to the other side of the track for some more photos, and not too long after that, a 911 spun around the drift circle. I thought it rather odd for the driver to lose control there. About another lap later, I saw a Lotus 7 spin in Turn 10, smoking badly before pulling off to the infield side of the track, and a Lola spun shortly after with other cars locking up their brakes too easily in the same area. It was obvious that there was something on the track. Eventually the corner worker put out the flag to warn the drivers of the hazard, and not much later, the track was cleared to deal with the problem.

At that point we headed over to the paddock area to see a friend who was racing. Another couple of friends joined us, and we decided to grab a bite at the Paddock Grill. Having satisfied our appetites, we headed back over to Turn 10. The morning shade was gone from Turn 10, so I retrieved my canopy, and we set up at the top of the hill. We enjoyed a few more racing sessions and finally called it a day.

Hotlanta Historics 2016-07-09 031

Hotlanta Historics 2016-07-09 020

Hotlanta Historics 2016-07-09 011

Hotlanta Historics 2016-07-09 003

Hotlanta Historics 2016-07-09 067

Hotlanta Historics 2016-07-09 064

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Hotlanta Historics July 2016 (335 Photos)

Sunday at The Mitty 2016 (116 Photos)

I got to the track during the first enduro. Action is slow on Sunday. There aren’t nearly as many spectators. Many teams have already packed their trailers and hit the road. Quiet hours limit the amount of racing. Still, it is nice just to relax around Road Atlanta. After photographing the enduro, I visited the Concour de Lemons. Unfortunately it was more ChumpCar/LeMons racers than ugly cars that you would be surprised to see in good shape.

I visited with my friends in the Paddock again and took photos of the parade laps. I ran into another friend in the paddock. It was his first time to be at The Mitty, so I dragged him around the paddock some and took him over to turn 10 to see some of the action. After a few more hours of enjoying the racing, it was time to call an end to the weekend.

I’ll be back again next year. It will be 10 straight years.

The Mitty 2016-04-24 597

The Mitty 2016-04-24 487

The Mitty 2016-04-24 405

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Sunday at The Mitty 2016 (116 Photos)

Saturday at The Mitty 2016 (400 Photos)

It was a great day for vintage car racing. There was no threat of rain, and the thermometer planned on getting up into the low 80s.
Since it rained on Friday, I spent a good part of the morning walking the paddock and talking to friends who were running cars.

One of the hero stories of the weekend that you almost never hear about involves the Pirate Racing Z car of Scott Curry. After running in The Mitty last year, he mentioned to a couple of us that he needed a new engine. He got hooked up with a very knowledgeable Z car person who built a new engine. It was installed in March and put on the dyno for final tuning before going to the track on Thursday. Then disaster struck. An oil pump failure caused a lost engine. They scrambled for another engine, sourcing it from local friends, and put it together on Friday. Saturday, Scott was back on the track and managed to get in 3 7-lap sprints. I got to see one of the camshaft towers from the blown engine on Sunday.
The Mitty 2016-04-24 460

Unfortunately, there was a significant delay on Saturday when one of the UOP Shadow CanAm cars wrecked hard in Turn 12. The driver was severely injured and is facing a lengthy recovery. The family is being kind enough to keep us updated on his progress on their Facebook page. It serves as a sobering reminder that while this is “friendly” racing, there is still a lot of danger involved.

There are a lot of photos to see. You’ll notice a heavy Z car bent since I was also taking photos for my racing friends and fellow Georgia Z Car Club members.

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Saturday at The Mitty 2016 (400 photos)

Friday at The Mitty 2016

It chased me away – The rain. I got up early, and I could hear it. That is not the right weather for spending a day at the track. I ate breakfast and watched the weather radar online, hoping that the storms would fizzle out.

Finally, I saw a break in the weather. I hurried over to the track. There was no time to waste. I made my way over to the paddock and started taking photos. After an hour or so, the drops started falling again. With the threat of thunderstorms and maybe even hail, I decided to retreat back home. Sure enough, the heavens opened up on the drive back.

After a couple of hours, I checked the weather radar again. The storms were breaking up for the afternoon. I returned to the track and met up with friends. I managed to enjoy some racing and try out my new lens.

Eventually, I hope to create some GIFs from this weekends photos. We’ll see how much time I have.

The Mitty 2016-04-22 017

The Mitty 2016-04-22 016

The Mitty 2016-04-22 014

The Mitty 2016-04-22 005

The Mitty 2016-04-22 026

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The Mitty 2016-04-22 025

Caffeine and Octane – February 2016 (123 Photos)

It used to be that the winter months were for the hardcore C&O enthusiasts. For the new location, that no longer seems to be the case. The lot was probably well over half full by the time we got to it around 6:30.

We parked and saved a few spots for friends who arrived later. There was the usual great assortment of cars, allowing me to pick and choose what I wanted to photograph, so I focused on Z cars and classic cars.

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 102

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 039

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 046

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 037

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 027

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 021

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Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 012

Vintage Class Meet – January 2016 (43 Photos)

Unlike Caffeine & Octane, Vintage Class Meets happen in the afternoon and only have older cars. Work let up enough that I finally had a chance to go, hoping I would see a different crowd from C&O.

I drove the 260Z to the gas station, got out to fill up the tank, and realized that my jacket was WAY too thin for the cold wind whipping across the state. I hurried back home and swapped out my jacket for one more suitable for the cold, and then I cruised down the freeway to the meet.

Since I didn’t arrive until about half an hour after the scheduled start, I was wondering if I would find parking. That wasn’t a problem. The weather made it a more intimate meet. I parked my car and started talking with Linus, who drove his Datsun 1200 to the meet. I also talked to a man and his sons about Z cars since his older boy is hoping to have one some date. As more cars gathered, I got my camera out to take photos.
Vintage Class Meet 2016-01-17 007
Vintage Class Meet 2016-01-17 042
Vintage Class Meet 2016-01-17 012
It’s always a good day to hang out with car guys, talk and take pictures.
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Vintage Class Meet January 2016 (43 Photos)//

Po Boys Car Show: Sept 2015 (185 Photos)

Some members of the Georgia Z Club drove out to Canton in June 2014 to hang out at the Po Boys show. The weather was hot, and thunderstorms threatened throughout the event. This year we waited until September. Okay, so it was almost as hot, but there was some relief from the breezes. Also, there was no chance of thunderstorms.

While there weren’t a lot of Z cars present, there were some nice ones. Chet had his beautiful 260Z. Dave drove his 300ZX Twin Turbo, and Kevin brought his nice 280ZX. Of course, there were lots of great classic iron, and some nice oddballs: a Ford EXP turbo (Sorry, the picture wasn’t in focus.) and an Opel Manta.

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Po Boys 2015-09-19 001

Po Boys 2015-09-19 185

Po Boys 2015-09-19 178

Po Boys 2015-09-19 117

Po Boys 2015-09-19 084

Po Boys 2015-09-19 049

Po Boys 2015-09-19 007

Caffeine and Octane: Sept 2015 (128 Photos)

As we gathered for Caffeine and Octane, the Z car contingent was lighter than in August. The long weekend reduced our ranks. We started out for Perimeter Mall, nearly leaving Tony and his 300ZX in the dust. Avoiding the main lot, we set up in a good spot where we would have room for the stragglers. Little did I realize that we left our gathering spot 15 minutes earlier than what I said we would. Oops.

I didn’t feel like walking around as much this month, so I focused my photography on the main lot. Fortunately there were lots of great classic cars to photograph, including a 1983 Datsun 280ZX with less than 37,000 miles.

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CandO 2015-09-06 012

Caffeine & Octane: August 2015 Edition (175 Photos)

It was a fantastic day for a car show. The temperature was a little cooler than it had been for a couple of weeks. The humidity was lower. All we needed were the cars, and we had those in spades.

The Georgia Z Club and Z Atlanta met up near the mall to drive in together. We had the older cars in front followed by the later generations. (Z31s and Z32s didn’t show up to drive in, though.) All told we had fifteen S30s and S130s on hand.

While I focused my photography on the older cars, I was astounded by the shear number of cars on hand. There were easily over 1000 cars.






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Caffeine & Octane: August 2015 Edition (175 Photos)