Po Boys – June 2014 (82 Pictures)

Some members of the Georgia Z Club (and some other Datsun friends) gathered in Canton, GA, to enjoy the 90 degree weather at the monthly Po Boys car show. The clouds moved in, but there was only a light rain to try to spoil the car show. I got to meet some more internet people in real life.

Enjoy the pictures. (Click on the Z to open the set.)


Caffeine & Octane – June 2014 Edition: 83 Photos

Well, the weather wasn’t perfect for C&O. I drove through some rain, that I’m sure scared most of the early Z crowd. There was even some rain early in the morning after I arrived at the main lot. That didn’t stop most people though. There were still lots of cars to look at and photograph. Click on the photo below to go to the full set.