The Mitty 2014 – Day 2 (208 Pictures)

The second day of the Mitty attracts a bigger crowd than Day 1. The car corrals fill up, and people pay as much attention to the car corrals as they do the racing. I spent most of the day at Turn 10 enjoying the sounds of the different engines and observing the different strategies and techniques of the drivers as they maneuvered their cars through the braking zone and into the two turns.

A little while after lunch, I wandered through the car corrals to take pictures. While there was a good turnout of Z cars, the British cars & Miatas seemed to dominate the scene.

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The Mitty 2014 – Day 1 (278 pictures)

I got up really early to go to Road Atlanta. No cars were running. A road course is a serene place when the cars are quiet.

I raised the Datsun flag and played with a rolling tripod setup I recently purchased. I then got my camera ready for action.
First, I heard the sweeper truck moving around to clean the track. Then I heard the motorcycles get in some early practice, and that sound was quickly followed by the rumble of engines throughout the paddock.

I made my way over the hill and down to the paddock, stopping frequently to take pictures, watch the cars on the track, and talk to people working on their cars. The paddock at The Mitty is not a typical race track paddock. Car owners and drivers love to stop to talk about their cars and encourage you to take pictures. I was standing outside of one awning, admiring an Audi that won at Le Mans ten years ago. As I readied my camera to take a picture, one of the gentlemen under the awning called me over to take the pictures up close.

The weather was great for the event, as well. While it was windy most of the late morning and through the afternoon, there was no hint of rain…just a little overcast in the morning.

I spent the rest of the day with Z car friends and met a couple of other Z car enthusiasts. One gentleman showed us pictures from when he raced a 240Z at Road Atlanta 30 years ago. He also shared pictures of a genuine Holman-Moody 427 Cobra that he grandfather arranged for him to own.

The Mitty is a great car experience, and I look forward to the next couple of days.

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