Caffeine and Octane – February 2016 (123 Photos)

It used to be that the winter months were for the hardcore C&O enthusiasts. For the new location, that no longer seems to be the case. The lot was probably well over half full by the time we got to it around 6:30.

We parked and saved a few spots for friends who arrived later. There was the usual great assortment of cars, allowing me to pick and choose what I wanted to photograph, so I focused on Z cars and classic cars.

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 102

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 039

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 046

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 037

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 027

Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 021

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Caffeine and Octane 2016-02-07 012


Caffeine and Octane – January 2016 (115 Photos)

With the start of the new month and new year, there is yet again another Caffeine and Octane. There is something about the cold weather that brings out some nice and unusual cars.
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Caffeine and Octane 2016-01-03 069

Caffeine and Octane 2016-01-03 059

Caffeine and Octane 2016-01-03 051

Caffeine and Octane 2016-01-03 056

Caffeine and Octane 2016-01-03 046

Caffeine and Octane 2016-01-03 014

Caffeine and Octane 2016-01-03 012

Caffeine and Octane 2016-01-03 006

Caffeine and Octane - January 2016 (115 Photos)//

Caffeine and Octane: Sept 2015 (128 Photos)

As we gathered for Caffeine and Octane, the Z car contingent was lighter than in August. The long weekend reduced our ranks. We started out for Perimeter Mall, nearly leaving Tony and his 300ZX in the dust. Avoiding the main lot, we set up in a good spot where we would have room for the stragglers. Little did I realize that we left our gathering spot 15 minutes earlier than what I said we would. Oops.

I didn’t feel like walking around as much this month, so I focused my photography on the main lot. Fortunately there were lots of great classic cars to photograph, including a 1983 Datsun 280ZX with less than 37,000 miles.

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CandO 2015-09-06 012

Caffeine & Octane: August 2015 Edition (175 Photos)

It was a fantastic day for a car show. The temperature was a little cooler than it had been for a couple of weeks. The humidity was lower. All we needed were the cars, and we had those in spades.

The Georgia Z Club and Z Atlanta met up near the mall to drive in together. We had the older cars in front followed by the later generations. (Z31s and Z32s didn’t show up to drive in, though.) All told we had fifteen S30s and S130s on hand.

While I focused my photography on the older cars, I was astounded by the shear number of cars on hand. There were easily over 1000 cars.






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Caffeine & Octane: August 2015 Edition (175 Photos)

Caffeine and Octane: April 2015 – 112 Photos

April came early this year. With the first Sunday in April being Easter, the owners of Caffeine and Octane moved the event to the last Sunday in March. They publicized it well, and the cars came out. While it was cold, it didn’t seem to matter much.

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Caffeine and Octane – Feb 2015 New Location (101 Photos)

While there is always some trepidation when it comes to change. However, I was hoping the new location for Caffeine and Octane would bring improvements for the show. I wasn’t disappointed. There was ample room for car clubs featuring newer models to park together, and there was more room for classic cars and exotics to park. I hope this trend continues.

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Caffeine and Octane – October 2014 (83 Pictures)

Between the September C&O and today’s event, Mother Nature flipped the switch between Summer and Autumn. The temperatures were in the upper 30s to mid 40s, but that didn’t keep the cars or the crowds away. Unfortunately, the autofocus on my camera seemed to be affected by the cold, making for some blurry pictures. However, there were enough in focus to make for good posting.

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Mr. Wittel's Pride & Joy

Caffeine and Octane – September 2014 Edition (173 photos)

I think that when the first Sunday of the month lands on the 6th or 7th, it means a bigger crowd for C&O, even if the weather is hot and sticky. Fortunately for me, it also meant more Z cars in attendance. With the low chance of rain the in morning, there were plenty of interesting cars on display. As I have done for the last few months, I focused more on the older cars in the lots. I look at these cars as survivors, defying the odds. It doesn’t matter whether they had loving owners or are just limping along, showing the patina that comes with age.

Another interesting thing about the show is how the crowd builds so quickly, filling the main lot by 7, and then around 10, people disperse with only a few cars remaining by 11. In those three hours, friends catch up with one another; new friendships are made; and people mill about, fascinated by all of the painted metal, chrome, plastic and rubber.

After the show, I went home and arranged to go over to help someone with his 280ZX. I went through some diagnostics with him to confirm that his car had a dying fuel pump. A quick trip to Napa Auto Parts, about an hour installing the pump and a new fuel filter, and the 280ZX roared back to life. Since I wanted to get the pictures online, I’m taking the easy way out and providing a link to the flickr album with today’s pictures. Click on the picture below to get to the album.

Caffeine and Octane – August 2014 Edition (154 Photos)

I got up earlier than usual and got to the main lot a little after 5:30 this morning. I was not surprised to see plenty of people already parked. It was a great day, cool in the morning and warming up nicely as the morning gave way to the afternoon.
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Caffeine and Octane - August 2014 Edition

Caffeine and Octane – July 2014 Edition (121 Pictures)

It was a cool morning for July with some early overcast and cool breezes to make it a great day for a car show. After I took a picture of a 67 Mustang, the young owner engaged me in conversation about how he was fixing up his prized possession. I enjoyed his enthusiasm immensely. The car culture is not going to die out easily.

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Caffeine and Octane - July 2014