Friday at The Mitty 2016

It chased me away – The rain. I got up early, and I could hear it. That is not the right weather for spending a day at the track. I ate breakfast and watched the weather radar online, hoping that the storms would fizzle out.

Finally, I saw a break in the weather. I hurried over to the track. There was no time to waste. I made my way over to the paddock and started taking photos. After an hour or so, the drops started falling again. With the threat of thunderstorms and maybe even hail, I decided to retreat back home. Sure enough, the heavens opened up on the drive back.

After a couple of hours, I checked the weather radar again. The storms were breaking up for the afternoon. I returned to the track and met up with friends. I managed to enjoy some racing and try out my new lens.

Eventually, I hope to create some GIFs from this weekends photos. We’ll see how much time I have.

The Mitty 2016-04-22 017

The Mitty 2016-04-22 016

The Mitty 2016-04-22 014

The Mitty 2016-04-22 005

The Mitty 2016-04-22 026

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The Mitty 2016-04-22 025