Braselton Bash – November 2013 (150 Pictures)


Today was the last Braselton Bash for 2013. While YearOne’s customer base is definitely focused on American muscle, the event welcomes all types of cars.

The Datsun contingent consisted of cars from the Georgia Z Club, the Georgia Datsun Owners Group on Facebook, and the Upstate Z Club from South Carolina.

There was plenty of classic eye candy to enjoy between all of the beauties representing the Blue Oval, GM & Mopar.

Click on the first photo to start viewing the entire set. Enjoy the pictures.


Another Mountain Run – 6 Videos

I took another run up around Blood Mountain last Sunday. This time my neighbor came along in his MGB. It was early, so the roads weren’t crowded. It has been dry, so the leaves were not sticking to the road. That makes for some fun driving.

The first video (16 minutes) is from my car, and the other videos (3 minutes each) were taken with a cheap dashcam that I loaned my neighbor. These were all from along Wolf Pen Gap Road.

Wolf Pen Gap Road
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Caffeine and Octane – November 2013 Edition (295 pictures)


Between the time change and the colder weather moving in, you might think that Caffeine and Octane attendance would be lower than the previous months. You would be thinking wrong, though. The lot was packed.

The older cars seemed to be out in force, and there were plenty of C&O regulars present. For the Z car lovers (especially me), there were plenty of great first generation cars.

One car that drew a lot of attention was the Mercedes CL55 AMG that did the Cannonball Run in a “record” time. (Is there an official record?) The spare tire was still in the back seat.

As I walked around to take pictures, I couldn’t help but overhear one excited spectator talking to someone on his cellphone going on about C&O being a car show unlike anything he’s ever seen.

This month I decided to take some more pictures of the pooches that owners bring to the event. Dogs and cars do seem to go together.

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