Caffeine & Octane: August 2015 Edition (175 Photos)

It was a fantastic day for a car show. The temperature was a little cooler than it had been for a couple of weeks. The humidity was lower. All we needed were the cars, and we had those in spades.

The Georgia Z Club and Z Atlanta met up near the mall to drive in together. We had the older cars in front followed by the later generations. (Z31s and Z32s didn’t show up to drive in, though.) All told we had fifteen S30s and S130s on hand.

While I focused my photography on the older cars, I was astounded by the shear number of cars on hand. There were easily over 1000 cars.






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Caffeine & Octane: August 2015 Edition (175 Photos)


ZNationals Show 2014 (199 Pictures)

Despite some early rain around Atlanta, there was a very good turnout for ZNationals. I got to Z1 Motorsports early with the Georgia Z Club, but I had to wait outside while the people who entered the car show judging were allowed in first. After waiting in the pleasant morning air for about an hour and a half, the rest of us were allowed to file in. As in the past, the show was the biggest gathering of Z cars in the Southeast. There were a lot of really nice cars in attendance.

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ZNationals Show Cover Photo

ZNationals 2014 Track Day (49 Pictures)

The weather bounced between overcast and sunny for track day, and there was a breeze most of the time to cool everybody off from the warmer than normal weather. There were plenty of nice cars on hand for the event, and Z1 Motorsports also arranged for people to pay for sessions at the karting track. While I don’t feel up to tracking the 260Z, I was more than happy to do a session on the karting track. Maybe if I was in shape, I would have been up to more than one session.

Anyway, click on the picture below to get to the full set of pictures. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting plenty more after the show at Z1 Motorsports tomorrow.


Caffeine and Octane – September 2014 Edition (173 photos)

I think that when the first Sunday of the month lands on the 6th or 7th, it means a bigger crowd for C&O, even if the weather is hot and sticky. Fortunately for me, it also meant more Z cars in attendance. With the low chance of rain the in morning, there were plenty of interesting cars on display. As I have done for the last few months, I focused more on the older cars in the lots. I look at these cars as survivors, defying the odds. It doesn’t matter whether they had loving owners or are just limping along, showing the patina that comes with age.

Another interesting thing about the show is how the crowd builds so quickly, filling the main lot by 7, and then around 10, people disperse with only a few cars remaining by 11. In those three hours, friends catch up with one another; new friendships are made; and people mill about, fascinated by all of the painted metal, chrome, plastic and rubber.

After the show, I went home and arranged to go over to help someone with his 280ZX. I went through some diagnostics with him to confirm that his car had a dying fuel pump. A quick trip to Napa Auto Parts, about an hour installing the pump and a new fuel filter, and the 280ZX roared back to life. Since I wanted to get the pictures online, I’m taking the easy way out and providing a link to the flickr album with today’s pictures. Click on the picture below to get to the album.

Po Boys – June 2014 (82 Pictures)

Some members of the Georgia Z Club (and some other Datsun friends) gathered in Canton, GA, to enjoy the 90 degree weather at the monthly Po Boys car show. The clouds moved in, but there was only a light rain to try to spoil the car show. I got to meet some more internet people in real life.

Enjoy the pictures. (Click on the Z to open the set.)

Caffeine & Octane – May 2014 Edition (82 Pictures)

The weather is warming up and the crowds are growing for Caffeine & Octane.

I had surgery on my knee a couple of months ago, so I actually felt like walking around the cars. Instead of trying to take pictures of the hundreds of cars, I decided to just take pictures of the ones that interest me.

The 240Z starting off is a fresh restoration that is about to go on eBay soon.

Caffeine & Octane – December 2013 Edition (340 pictures)


The crowd at Caffeine & Octane was lighter than usual this month. Maybe it was because of the holiday. Maybe it was because C&O fell on the first day of the month. Regardless, the lighter crowd made picture taking easier.

Caffeine and Octane – November 2013 Edition (295 pictures)


Between the time change and the colder weather moving in, you might think that Caffeine and Octane attendance would be lower than the previous months. You would be thinking wrong, though. The lot was packed.

The older cars seemed to be out in force, and there were plenty of C&O regulars present. For the Z car lovers (especially me), there were plenty of great first generation cars.

One car that drew a lot of attention was the Mercedes CL55 AMG that did the Cannonball Run in a “record” time. (Is there an official record?) The spare tire was still in the back seat.

As I walked around to take pictures, I couldn’t help but overhear one excited spectator talking to someone on his cellphone going on about C&O being a car show unlike anything he’s ever seen.

This month I decided to take some more pictures of the pooches that owners bring to the event. Dogs and cars do seem to go together.

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Z Atlanta Fall Mountain Run – October 2013


It was a great day for a mountain drive. Having the only early Z on the trip with 300ZX twin turbos, 350Zs and 370Zs made it feel a little like driving a 70s F1 car against F1 cars from the 90s. It was great fun! The Georgia Mountains provide a wonderful setting to take some nice, sharp curves.

I’ll be adding more videos to the Flickr set over time, so check back every now and again.

Here are two more:

Update: 10/28/13 Two more videos:

Z Nationals – 2013


Z Nationals – 2013, a set on Flickr.

This was my first time to go to Z Nationals. The wife & I got up early to meet a group of Georgia Z Club members at Cumberland Mall where we were joined by some of my Facebook friends.

We formed our caravan and drove out to Carrollton. Along the way, we encountered a group of G35s & G37s and soon afterward a group from Z Atlanta that met up at The Varsity.

There was quite a line waiting to get it. We slowly made our way up and down the road to get inside the compound. We parked our cars and enjoyed the large gathering of Zs & Gs.

The S30s (240Z/260Z/280Z), S130s (280ZX), and Z31s (first generation 300ZX) were lucky as we got to park on the grass. Anything to keep cool is appreciated when the car doesn’t have AC.