Saturday at The Mitty 2016 (400 Photos)

It was a great day for vintage car racing. There was no threat of rain, and the thermometer planned on getting up into the low 80s.
Since it rained on Friday, I spent a good part of the morning walking the paddock and talking to friends who were running cars.

One of the hero stories of the weekend that you almost never hear about involves the Pirate Racing Z car of Scott Curry. After running in The Mitty last year, he mentioned to a couple of us that he needed a new engine. He got hooked up with a very knowledgeable Z car person who built a new engine. It was installed in March and put on the dyno for final tuning before going to the track on Thursday. Then disaster struck. An oil pump failure caused a lost engine. They scrambled for another engine, sourcing it from local friends, and put it together on Friday. Saturday, Scott was back on the track and managed to get in 3 7-lap sprints. I got to see one of the camshaft towers from the blown engine on Sunday.
The Mitty 2016-04-24 460

Unfortunately, there was a significant delay on Saturday when one of the UOP Shadow CanAm cars wrecked hard in Turn 12. The driver was severely injured and is facing a lengthy recovery. The family is being kind enough to keep us updated on his progress on their Facebook page. It serves as a sobering reminder that while this is “friendly” racing, there is still a lot of danger involved.

There are a lot of photos to see. You’ll notice a heavy Z car bent since I was also taking photos for my racing friends and fellow Georgia Z Car Club members.

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Saturday at The Mitty 2016 (400 photos)


Po Boys Car Show: Sept 2015 (185 Photos)

Some members of the Georgia Z Club drove out to Canton in June 2014 to hang out at the Po Boys show. The weather was hot, and thunderstorms threatened throughout the event. This year we waited until September. Okay, so it was almost as hot, but there was some relief from the breezes. Also, there was no chance of thunderstorms.

While there weren’t a lot of Z cars present, there were some nice ones. Chet had his beautiful 260Z. Dave drove his 300ZX Twin Turbo, and Kevin brought his nice 280ZX. Of course, there were lots of great classic iron, and some nice oddballs: a Ford EXP turbo (Sorry, the picture wasn’t in focus.) and an Opel Manta.

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Po Boys 2015-09-19 001

Po Boys 2015-09-19 185

Po Boys 2015-09-19 178

Po Boys 2015-09-19 117

Po Boys 2015-09-19 084

Po Boys 2015-09-19 049

Po Boys 2015-09-19 007

Caffeine and Octane – May 2015 Batch 1 (90 Photos)

The weather was great and so was the collection of cars. I have been busy, so I didn’t get the photos online until this weekend.

To make it easier with loading, I broke up the collection into two posts. I make the second post on Monday.
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Caffeine and Octane: April 2015 – 112 Photos

April came early this year. With the first Sunday in April being Easter, the owners of Caffeine and Octane moved the event to the last Sunday in March. They publicized it well, and the cars came out. While it was cold, it didn’t seem to matter much.

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Euro Auto Festival – October 2013 (263 pictures)


It was overcast with a light rain for most of the drive up to the BMW plant in South Carolina. Despite the weather, we made good time to the plant and found a parking spot.
First we toured the museum. Given BMW’s history, the museum seemed rather small, though I did enjoy the few exhibits there.
After the museum visit, we visited the Swedish cars, walked through the small group of vendors, and meandered through the British cars. We took a short break before heading toward the back part of the show to look at the German and French cars (all 3 or so).
Following lunch, we waded through the Alfas, Ferraris, Fiats and Maseratis.
The wife had just about had her fill of cars, so we made a pass through the BMWs to capture a last few photos before heading home.

Caffeine & Octane – October 2013: Up All Night (311 pictures)


After going to Z Nationals on Saturday, I had a hard time getting to sleep Saturday night. The time passed quickly before my alarm clock announced that it was time to get up for Caffeine & Octane. I got to the lot around 6. It’s quite a race to get there in time to reserve some spots. The main lot was pretty much full by 7:30.

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Enjoy the pictures.

Braselton Bash – June 2013

I set out early to go to Year One. Unfortunately, there were some GDOT trucks determined to cause a traffic jam on the two lane road I was on. They were doing a good job of it, too. I ended up getting there about half an hour later than I planned.

When I got to the lot, I saw a 280ZX, so I parked next to it. I got something to eat and returned to my car to get a drink. That’s when I met the owner of the ZX and his father. They were surprised and happy to see another Datsun at the show. The father seemed to know his Datsuns, too. However, the guy was selling the ZX because he bought a 70 Camaro.

I went about taking pictures of some great cars. When I made it back around to my car, I saw a couple and their teenaged daughter looking at the 260Z. The wife was trying her best to look in the car, so I opened the car for her. Apparently the husband fixed up a 76 280Z for the wife when they first got together. The wife was beside herself being able to sit in the car, and the husband enjoyed looking over the engine bay. With any luck they may be Z owners again in the future. It certainly erased the frustration I had with the drive to the show.


Braselton Bash – June 2013, a set on Flickr.